Longboard wheels are made from softer plastic than standard skateboard wheels. While softer plastic is great for absorbing shock and gripping the road, longboard wheels need some breaking in before you can use them to slide, turn or skid to a stop. Start with a gentle ride and gradually work your way to sharper turns.

An Extremely Painful Supercut Of A Downhill Longboarder’s Wipeouts 1 digg Gnarly Sports Video We can’t tell if it’s impressive or impressively dumb that this guy keeps putting his body through this.

Niccolo Porcella might not have been a name you recognized in the big-wave scene prior to last week, so here’s a little back-story about the man.

5 Wipeouts So Bad You Can’t Look Away. Surf. So here, watch these five wipeouts. While you do, imagine everyone else out there in internet land ooooohing, and feel like you’re part of.

Longboarding was originally conceptualized in the early 1960s as a way to replicate the experience of surfing or downhill snowboarding but on paved surfaces instead of snowy or watery ones. The sport turns any piece of sloped pavement into the rider’s own personal amusement park.

WITH LITTLE OF THE SPASTIC movement of skateboarding, longboarding is sometimes said to resemble surfing on concrete, which is a good way of describing the agility, grace, and flow of the sport. Watching a good longboarder is mesmerizing and surprisingly relaxing. For a moment of zen, check out this.

Freeride longboarding has some focus on downhill and street boarding but more in a recreational fashion (compared to downhill) and speed is not the goal. Its all about technical maneuvers, like hands down sliding and flipping, and typical done by intermediate to advanced longboarders. downhill is all about speed. Faster is better and racing is the game.

 · Everyone is really excited that RedBull is starting to recognize longboarding as an extreme sport because that’s only going to mean good things for longboarding. We hope that this event will bring more exposure and more legitimacy to longboarding being an extreme sport, especially the downhill/sliding realm.

By 1963 there were already big downhill slalom or freestyle competitions taking place. By 1965 it seemed that skatebaording had died and that it was just a craze. Coincidently it was probably about this time that surfers on the Island started their own experiments with wooden planks and roller skate wheels.

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