CV Outreach, an organization urging churches to use technology to reach people far from God, conducted the study identifying American cities where people are most likely to feel lonely. vance Pitman, pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, cited a combination of issues that could have led to "Sin City" topping the list released in February.

Sandra: So the way to think about this co-housing arrangement is to think beyond what it can offer to a group of people such as students or people who have just finished their studies and are just joining the workforce and require a lot of flexibility. But the other think of this more broadly in the context of a community.

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For older people, co-housing offers a sense of community without losing independence. W hen Rose Mark retired from being a teacher, she and her husband decided to leave their bustling San Francisco neighbourhood to find somewhere they would feel safer. One problem: the booming local tech scene had turbocharged demand for homes, and they found themselves outbid time and again.

Loneliness for pastors and their families may be an epidemic, but there is an antidote. When the pastor takes decisive steps to prevent the lonely mindset and other ministry couples come alongside to reassure, pastors and their families can be emotionally healthy and spiritually equipped to effectively lead revival churches.

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Co-Housing Communities Hope to Offer Antidote to America’s Epidemic of Loneliness casa verde commons, which opened in Colorado Springs in 2002, is home to 67 adults, 15 young people, 12 dogs, 8 cats, and one lawnmower.

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America’s loneliness epidemic: A systemic risk to. I hope we can find a way as a society to rebuild the carrot of strong communities without needing the threat of loss of salvation as stick.. the only antidote for loneliness is to be aware of it and develop the courage to introduce.

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