Currently, in one of the most competitive markets since the Great Recession, properties are quickly going under contractual agreements, pushing the market in favor of sellers. clients are turning.

Let’s take a look at a few housing market trends experts predict for 2019. Will markets continue to favor sellers or are buyers going to be better positioned to purchase homes at lower prices? Home Prices Are Still Increasing. First and foremost, yes, prices of homes are still on the rise in most places.

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Will home prices keep rising, level off, or drop next year? Will it be a buyers’ or sellers’ market in 2019? 4 Things the Real Estate Market Might Do in 2019. Tight supply and strong demand have boosted home prices in housing markets across the country, while presenting challenges for buyers.

Real estate in Modesto doesn’t exhibit worse fundamentals than the rest of the country; but instead demonstrates that it’s more of a neutral marketplace. While the majority of the country is currently living in a seller’s market, Modesto real estate leans in favor of neither buyers or sellers.

It all comes down to simple supply and demand economics. If at any point in time we have roughly 20,000 buyers in the market and only 5,000 homes on the market, the market will favor sellers. Sellers do have a lot of leverage, and that is the overall trend that we’ve seen for quite a few years now in Denver.

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But what does this number actually mean, and why does it matter for your real estate transaction? [Read: Home Still On the Market. buyers. In fact, pricing your home too low may actually work in.

The balance of power in the US housing market will shift from sellers to buyers by 2019, according to experts surveyed by Zillow. Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider".

Now we come back to the original question which we are trying to answer here: Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market in the US right now? Experts seem to agree that the current US housing market tends to favor sellers. This means that for those engaged in real estate investing, now is the right time to sell a rental property rather.

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