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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the god awful pointless Hellboy reboot. How bad is it, are there any good parts and is it worth going to the theaters for? Find out!

The first big problem is comparing 2019 to the relatively tame (yeah, I said it) del toro movies. which we we enjoyed because we GOT a Hellboy movie. You can’t be subtle when you can’t move your face; it’s like being a Muppet and having to exaggerate every movement to show "range."

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What it means is you have to go into this Hellboy with the mindset that it’s a reboot, designed to take the character and his franchise in a new direction. If you try to compare the two versions.

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Review title of mars1975 Awesome. This is not perfect but it is full of creepy **** and monsters that look awesome. I like the last ones but this seems so much more of what you would expect for a demon. I am not easily impressed either. I think that if this came out in 90s the reviews would be better.weliked our **** dark.

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Movie Review: HELLBOY (2019) April 10, 2019; Shannon McGrew 0 HELLBOY. Going into this film I wasn’t sure what to expect having only ever seen guillermo del toro’s iteration, having not had the chance to read the graphic novel, but nothing could have prepared me for the visual onslaught.

Movie Review: "Hellboy" (2019) (R) "Hellboy" has been reborn by way of this hot mess of a reboot (or whatever you want to call it) from "The Descent" director Neil Marshall.

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Comics. The Hellboy Reboot Is a Damned Awful Movie Director Neil Marshall’s revival is a sad imitation of Guillermo del Toro’s comic-book movie masterpiece. Peter Suderman | 4.12.2019 8:30 AM