Trump says that while gun control and gun rights advocates typically seize on school proposals to arm teachers to further political agendas, his opposition to arming teachers and school staff focuses solely on implementation issues, not political statements and beliefs about rights to bear arms.

Arming teachers is opposed by school safety experts like law enforcement, as well. having access to guns when they pose a serious risk to themselves or others.. can intervene to prevent access to a school and give law enforcement time to.

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As a result, the public debate fails to address several central ethical issues associated with arming public school teachers. This article is an effort to pay these issues their due attention. Purpose: The purpose of this article is to examine the ethical implications of arming public school teachers.

As States Debate Arming Teachers, Opponents Detail Mishandling of Guns in. including the time a Miami 5th grader reported a gun left in a school. encouraged schools "to seriously consider the option of partnering with.

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Indiana is one of several states that allow for the arming of teachers, but most schools haven’t gone there. After Florida, some are considering it.

The federal panel set up after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting says schools should consider arming school personnel, and recommends ditching guidance aimed at curbing disparities in student.

But instead of looking for a serious solution to America’s mass shooting epidemic, President Trump simply took a page out of the National Rifle Association’s playbook and suggested that the country should arm as many as 20% of its school teachers. He even said it with a straight face.

President Trump said during a rally, "If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, it could very well end the attack very quickly." [RELATED: Trump suggests arming teachers as a solution to.

Arming teachers can give schools a false sense of security and may distract staff. are harmless expressions of frustration and those that pose a more serious threat. At the same time, it is unrealistic that the medical professional will “clear” the. in threat assessment; students who exhibit past instances of it are considered.