Does Legalizing Marijuana Have Any Affect on Real Estate Values? How does a town legalizing marijuana have any affect on market values?

The following are five ways real estate is affected by the legalization of marijuana. Increased industrial property explosions. One of the more popular marijuana products is hash oil, a more concentrated form of THC that you can ingest by putting it under your tongue or sprinkling it on food.

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The impact of an increase of this magnitude on home values would certainly have far-reaching economic effects. While many of these impacts are beyond the scope of this article, one consequence worth.

Don’t expect to see children playing in front of these San Francisco homes any time soon. Forget about a baby boom – rising home prices appear to be causing many would-be parents to think twice before.

Once an investor understands the impact of land value on total appreciation, the time-honored real estate mantra of "location, location, location" takes on even greater meaning. Savvy home buyers.

The opening of marijuana dispensaries is positively linked with rising neighborhood home values, according to a new study published in the journal Contemporary Economic Policy. Researchers at Colorado State University studied the impact of dispensaries opening in Denver on home prices in the immediate vicinity, norml reports. “[A] new dispensary opening increases house prices by 7.7.

However, assuming that OPEC’s forecast holds i.e. oil prices hit the $110 mark by the end of the decade, we look at the impact this could have on the present dynamics in the American home improvement.

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The National Association of Realtors weighs in on marijuana dispensaries and residential and commercial real estate. |

Recreational marijuana legalization is a hot-button topic, and the debate is now entering the real estate industry. With more states legalizing.

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By Eli McVey. The U.S. cannabis industry is poised to inject nearly $70 billion on an annual basis into the American economy by 2021, an eye-popping figure that underscores the broader economic impact for towns and municipalities that accept legal marijuana businesses into their communities.