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 · The National Park Mystery Series, by Scott Graham, features contract archaeologist Chuck Bender, Chuck’s paramedic wife, Janelle Ortega, and Chuck’s new stepdaughters. The contract archeological work moves Chuck Bender and the family to different parks each summer vacation, setting the scene for stories dealing with environmental, political, and social justice issues.

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As always, the highlight of Graham’s National Park Mystery series (Yellowstone Standoff, 2016, etc.) is his extensive knowledge of the parks system, its lands, by Scott Graham Mystery. YELLOWSTONE STANDOFF. by Scott Graham Mystery. MOUNTAIN RAMPAGE.

Scott Graham is a critically acclaimed author of mysteries from the United States who writes the National Park Mystery series. Graham is an avid outdoorsman. The author is happiest when in nature. As such, one can often find him backpacking through the wild, river rafting and skiing. Graham has also been known to experiment with mountaineering.

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Book three in the National Park Mystery Series, Y. More. Want to Read. Shelving menu

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Yellowstone Standoff, book three in the National Park Mystery series, released in 2016, is set deep in the forbidding backcountry of yellowstone national park, where archaeologist Chuck has brought his wife Janelle and two young stepdaughters on a two-week archaeological survey. When Yellowstone’s iconic grizzly bears and gray wolves inexplicably go rogue, Chuck teams with Janelle and his old friend, ranger Lex Hancock, to protect the suspect members of a group scientific expedition.

SCOTT GRAHAM is the author of seven books, including Canyon Sacrifice and Mountain Rampagebooks one and two in the National Park Mystery Series from Torrey House Pressand Extreme Kids, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award. Like most visitors to America’s first national park, Graham was awestruck by Yellowstone as a child.

Scott Graham & Arches Enemy The guest this time is Scott Graham, who is launching the fifth entry in his National Park Mystery Series next month. The new title is Arches Enemy and it’s set in Utah, not too far from Scott’s home in southwest Colorado.. The series features archaeologist Chuck Bender and Chuck’s wife, paramedic Janelle Ortega.

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